Pardini  K 22 - UK Longarm

Class: Free Pistol
Powered By: Cartidge/Bullet
Last Updated: Dec. 7, 2004
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Calibre .22 LR Magazine Capacity 1
Model Weight (g) 0 Model Height (mm) 145
Model Length (mm) 660 Model Width (mm) 80
Barrel Length (mm) 0 Sight Radius (mm) 0
Sight Adjustment per Click 8 mm @ 50m Barrel Rifling 6Dx450mm
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Production Status In Production
Comments This is the variant of the K 22 Free Pistol which meets stringent UK firearm laws. Currently, pistols are banned to the public. So, the UK Longarm was devised. Since free pistols have few restrictions, the design was modified so the pistol fit the definition of a rifle. The stabilizer bars are fixed and bring the overall length to 26" (approx. 660mm). The barrel is slightly longer as well. Other than that, it's a Pardini K22.

Specifications Legend

Class: The design of firearm to fit ISSF regulations. For event information, check the Olympic Section.
Name: Manufacturers' Name and Model identifier.
Powered By: Projectile propellant. Can be either a compressed gas like air or carbon dioxide (C02) or a bullet comprised of primer and gun powder.
Last Updated: Date of specification created or last updated. This date will give you an idea of the relevance of the data.
Calibre: Diameter of projectile which is relevant to the rules regarding the ISSF match.
Magazine Capacity: Number of projectiles which the arm can hold. Does not necessarily denote the existance of a magazine, such as in a single shot arm.
Model Weight: Generally denotes the weight of an unloaded arm with standard accessories attached. In CO2 arms, this may or may not be the weight with a full charge of gas.
Model Height/Length/Width: Physical dimensions of the arm to meet ISSF regulations.
Barrel Length: Length of the barrel in which the projectile passes and is affected by rifling.
Sight Radius: The distance between the rear sight and the front sight. Note: some arms allow the sight radius to be adjusted. These specifications denote the MAXIMUM sight radius.
Sight Adjustment per Click: When adjusting the sight, each click of the sight will change the point of impact on the target by this amount at the standard range for the arm in question.
Barrel Rifling: The number of turns either to the right or left within the barrel over a specified distance. This specification has an affect on accuracy. The more turns in a barrel, the more spin is imparted on the projectile, and generally speaking, has a more stable flight path.