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Re: Ban on Firearms Again!?!

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Posted by bugsy ( on July 19, 2012 at 09:39:19:

In Reply to: Ban on Firearms Again!?! posted by Daniel Kott on July 18, 2012 at 09:23:05:

Start with simple solutions:

1. Young Offenders Act cannot be invoked on an Gun Related Incident including illegal possession of both firearm and ammunition.

2. Automatic Life Sentence to any gun related crime regardless of the age of the guilty party. NO chance of parole. No exception

3. Minimum 15 yrs in jail for possession of unregistered firearm/ammunition. No chance of early release.

We, responsible gun owners are not causing this problems. The loopholes in our laws and the failure of our dear politicians to address these issues are the main culprits. Take the case of Nevada and Texas. Probably at least twice as big as Ontario, but lower crime rate. Why? Because know their rights. They don't shoot at anybody just because of simple a traffic altercation. They don't boast of carrying a gun while on the street. They don't start a fight just because they know they are capable of winning one because of the gun they have. Our gun laws is already strict. Acquiring a licence even is tougher than a getting drivers licence.

Law enforcers are losing their battle against these lawless criminals due to technicalities, loopholes in our system. What ever happened to the sister of the boy who was shot few years ago. She was caught in possession of a sub machine gun. Her mother was trash talking the cops because of the un-solved case of the boy. But after her daughter was caught with SMG, she briefly stopped.

What will happen to any of us if an intruder enters our house and gets shot? We go to jail for defending our families. That is the reality. These thugs has more rights than us. This has to change. Once, I asked a cop, asked him the same question. His answer, I will shoot the intruder. Reason: He unlawfully entered my property and I have the right to defend myself and my family. I don't care if I go to jail. At that certain point, it's either me and my family or him.

There was a story that happened near the Ottawa region. A couple lives in a farming community. One late evening, they saw an intruder in their property. The man grabbed his gun and shot the intruder. The intruder got arrested but filed a complaint against the homeowner: EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE. The homeowner hired a lawyer and won the case. Another incident in the Niagara Region. A man saw men trying to burn parts of his property. He then grabbed his firearm and fired and chased these thugs. He was arrested for discharge of a restricted firearm. Luckily, he had these captured by a video surveillance system. The case was dropped later.

To our dear POLITICIANS, we are not causing these problems. Please review the laws pertaining to gun ownership. Please be reasonable. Because next time, you might be asking your yourself why you did not own a firearm the time you need one.

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